Kick-off Meeting of Ageing Together was Held

The Kick-off conference of the The Erasmus+ KA2 project  “Breaking Digital Barriers; Digital Literacy for Elderly” (Ageing Togethe) was held in Burdur on 22 February  2019 which is carried out with coordination of Burdur Huzurevi Yaptırma ve Yardımlasma Dernegi (BUHAYAD).

Governor Hasan ŞILDAK and his wife Fatma Nur ŞILDAK, Representatives of public instutions, non-governmental organizations, nursing home residents, family members of martyries, senior citizens and representatives of project partners from Burdur Public Education Centre, Italy, Spain and Belgium attended to Conference.

The Project is carried out by partnership of  Burdur Public Education Center, CIDET (Spain), CPIA 1(Italy) and PHOENIXKM (Belgium) under the coordination of BUHAYAD. The aim of the Project is to gain adults over 60 years old the skill of using computer and surfing in Internet at basic level and to keep them in social life, and to ensure them to communicate with their families and friends, and to gain them the ability of get an appointment of health service and banking and shopping and reading the sources of news and weather forecast and etc., by means of Internet. Thus it is aim to contribute to their active ageing,  ensuring them to realize their intellectual capacity and participating into social life according to their own needs, desire and capacity.

Governor, Mr. Hasan Şıldak, made an opening speech in of the conference and emphasised the importance of the project and extended his thanks to all institutions for their valuable efforts and contributions to the project.  In addition, Mr. Şıldak  presented that “This project is admirable in every way. First of all, we congratulate Burdur Huzurevi Yaptırma ve Yardımlasma Dernegi (BUHAYAD). I am sure this project  will be a more encouraging example for our non-governmental organizations, associations, foundations, professional organizations and public institutions and I would like to congratulate all project partners who contribute this project.

Mr. İlhan KAYIŞ. Chief of BUHAYAD, mentioned that “hoped it will encourage other NGO”s in the city to develop new projects”. He also emphasized that we have young population now, but the young people will become older soon, our population will become older very soon. That is why we have to do something from now on and get ready for the future.

Mr. Ömer AKAN, Headmaster of Public Education Centre, stated that to impement the project we established  Project Team for achieving  to the aim of the Project. Moreover, 4 IT teachers will participate in Training of Trainers  to be held in Belgium and Italy to give trainings elderly people over 60 aged.

On behalf of Mr. Roger Esteller Curto from CIDET (Spain) and Mrs. Antonella Panarello  from  CPIACT 1 (Italy)  made opening speeches. They emphasized the importance of the Project and underlined  due to demographic change in Europe has been rapid this project is not important only for Turkey but also for Europe

After the opening speeches, on behalf of Project Coordinator,  BUHAYAD, Mrs Meryem ZİNCİRLİ, made a brief presentation about the Project to public.