First Learning Teaching Training (LTT) Activity was Held in Vienna on 21-25 October

Within the Ageing Together Project, the First LTT was held in Vienna, on 21-25 October 2019. 5 trainers from Turkey, 2 trainers from Italy and 2 trainers from Spain have been participated in LTT Activity. During the training,  participants learned the major differences between pedagogy and geragogy. Where geragogy focuses on individual differences and needs of learners, rather than a groupal approach. They also learned the ways to engage senior learners. Patience was key in geragogy. Due to the cognitive differences, we should go slow and step by step while teaching seniors and (as teachers) we should avoid our regular teaching habits to take over. And syllabus or course content must be short and clear.

We can emphasize the important applications of the internet and mobile devices to senior learners to encourage them to use these innovations frequently.

We also need to emphasize the dangers and risks of these technologies as well. These technologies may also cause isolation, laziness, lack of physical exercise etc. They should also be made aware of the security vulnerability.

Also,  a workshop was organized for seniors. Participants gave practical training on computer and use of internet  to Turkish, Spanish, German and Italian seniors who attended the workshop.

Participants  also visited related seniors organization located in Vienna vgot information about their works.

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