Within the Ageing Together Project, the Second LTT was held in Catania, Italy on 12-16 July 2021. The event was held under the measures taken due to the pandemic. 5 trainers from Turkey, 2 trainers from Austria and 1 trainers from Spain have been participated in LTT Activity. During the LTT event , participants learned how to develop confidence and capability of forming and handling a group of elderly people to deliver training on ICT competencies and usage of modern devices. The goals of this activity, as we said before, is to test the effectiveness of the Project outputs. This activity took place after the completion of the IO-2 (Development of E- Learning Module), for the purpose of evaluation of the E-Learning Module to teach elderly people on using of internet, mobile phones etc. During this 5 day activity,participants learned the Senior Citizens’ Attitudes toward Learning Basic Digital, Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Seniors , The Digital Divide Among Older Adults, Effective Strategies to Teach Seniors on Digital Literacy, Methodology of ICT knowledge transfer to seniors, usage of modern devices in the life of the elderly, Communication Strategies.
Also, interviews with the elderly had been made outside in three groups. Thus, we tried to understand and discover the expectations of the seniors from the digital training. By doing so it was envisaged that the trainers would understand the senior and act accordingly during the training lessons. In the event, a workshop was conducted in 3 groups at the school lab of Hosting Organization. Each group gave training to elderly trainees in the class on using of smart phones, tablets and using of E-Learning Module of the project. We consider that the training program was successfully carried out in a pro-active way. It is highly appreciated that the participants contributed to the success of the event so much.

We have learned, from the LTTA that suitable training and support systems are required according to seniors’ objectives, abilities, and experience, so as to reduce anxiety about using computers and to promote motivation, especially in the initial stages of learning, We also learned a lot of strategies to maintain a positive environment in order to organize a training course for the elderly. These strategies have stimulated our participant's critical and creative thinking and they have helped participants to change their cultural awareness into intercultural awareness. With these results, it has been easier to manage and to reach the project’s topic.