In order to participate in this training, it will be appropriate to have a basic knowledge of computers.

At his stage it is considered that you have very basic skills and knowledge of computer usage.

Click the icon one of the browsers, (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox etc. ) which one has already been installed on your computer.

When your browser is opened, type in the fields indicated in the picture or click on it.

On the homepage of Ageingtogehter project, you have two options to continue.

  1. To click on the E-LEARNING MODULE.
  2. To click the tabs PRODUCTS.

In case you select first option;

Find and click Click to start the E-Learning module.

In case you select second option;

Find and click on Click here for The ICT Based E-Learning Module.

Now you see the access page of the e-leaning module on the screen. You may log in or register by clicking the buttons on this page.

If you have already registered you, please click on the LOG IN button.

Write your e-mail address and password respective areas and click “log in

In case we have not registered so far, we click on the SIGN IN button. After typing our information to the related areas in the next page, please click on the Register button to complete the registration.