How to use the E-Learning module

E-Learning Module First Page

When we log in to the E-Learning Module using our e-mail address and password, the page on the left side appears. On this page, there is a brief information about the project under the title of Project. It is possible to add your photo by clicking the relevant section on this page. However, it is not required. You can view the messages in the Community section. Important information about the course will be included in the important information and announcements. The most important part for us is the section under the title of Contents. This section contains the following unites:

Unit 1 Online Communication
Unit 2 Online communication and social media
Unit 3 Online Banking
Unit 4 Online Health Services
Unit 5 Online Shopping

Clicking on the titles opens the unite page.

Unite 1


We may proceed on this page clicking the titles shown in numbers.

(1) Clicking “Got to content index” will switch to the Content Directory.
(2) Unit contents are in the left column. Contents can be accessed by clicking each one separately.
(3) The forum is designed for information sharing and debate on topics. Subjects other than the purpose of the module are not suitable.
(4) Clicking “Got to section” opens a small window. The opened window shows the Unites in the module. Click on the UNITE which you want to learn.
(5) Used to go to the next section/page/unite.
(6) You can click to download the training document as PDF.

(1) Clicking on “Go to contents index” opens the page on the left side

On that page are the links below. Click on the content title you want to open.

1. Introduction
2. UNIT 1. Online News
3. UNITE 2. Online Communication and Social Media
4. UNIT 3. Online Banking
5. UNIT 4. Online Health Services
6. UNIT 5. Online Shopping

Lets click on “Online News”

(2) The topics and studies of the Online News Unit are shown below


  1. Why is Online News interesting?
  2. What Will I Learn In This Section?
  3. Self-assessment: The self-assessment section is prepared to measure your pre-training knowledge level.
  4. Content: Online News: This section contains the content that we will learn in this lesson. Clicking on it opens on the right. You can follow the subject by moving the opened document up and down. It will be useful to follow and apply step by step.
  5. Video; Video of the content of the unite 1. It is a practical lecture.
  6. Let’s practice; It was prepared to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Content page display settings

When you click to follow the training content stated in item 4 above, you can adjust the width of the page with (1), you can perform various operations and access information with (2), (3) you can view the training content in full screen.

(3) This section of the Forum is designed for the purpose of sharing information and discussing training issues among the participants of the training.

On this page that opens when you click the Forum button / tab;

On the page that opens, click the Write a new topic or question button;

The topic you want to talk about or question.

You can share and get answers with all the members who participated in the training by clicking the (SEND) button by typing in the relevant boxes.

(4) Go to section tab

Clicking on this tab opens a small window showing the units of the training. You can access here by selecting the other section you want to go to.

(5) Previous and Following buttons

The Previous button is used to go to the previous section within the same unit.

The Following button is used to go to the next section within the same unit.

(6) Save as PDF

The Save as PDF button allows you to save the course document to your computer, so you can repeat the topics on the computer even in a non-internet environment.